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Luminaria Sales

The History of Christmas Luminaries

Many current customs using light or fire may be traced to early origins. The history and symbolism behind the present day usage of luminaries is both inspiring and beautiful.

Early Spanish families in the Southwest lighted three bonfires before their homes on Christmas Eve. Luminaries have become the substitutes for these early bonfires. But they have grown in numbers—from three to hundreds—and are used decoratively to outline driveways and grounds with a soft, radiant glow.

Now Boy Scout Troop 320 of Fuquay-Varina is pleased to carry on this tradition through the annual sale of luminary kits. We appreciate your support in this effort. Not only are you helping Fuquay-Varina and surrounding areas glow with the spirit of the holidays, you are also showing your support for a truly worthwhile organization.

A kit of 10 luminaries is $10
Thank you!

Placing Your Luminaries 

We suggest that luminaries be placed approximately 20 feet apart along the front of your lot. You might also want to line your driveway. A sufficient amount of sand should be placed in each bag to keep it in an upright position. 

Candles should be lit at sundown on Christmas Eve. In the event of rain, candles should be used December 31. Allow candles to burn throughout the night. Use of the plastic candleholders included in your luminary kit should ensure safe burning. Please dispose of used luminaries the next day. 

Assembling Your Luminaries 

  1. Open bag and fold down to form 1” cuff 
  2. Repeat fold to form double cuff (this helps bag resist wind). 
  3. Place approximately 2” of sand in bag. 
  4. Place candle in plastic candle holder, then position in center of sand. 
  5. Light candles and enjoy!

Contact Luminaria Coordinator

The Troop 320 Luminaria Coordinator can be reached at